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04-admit-one-dribbble-invite-ticket by SOSFactory

Today and tomorrow I'm going to give away 2 invitations. 
Post your portfolio in my Facebook wall:…
Hi guys, is finally open, there is just one tutorial for now but I will add more free and premium content during the next weeks.

You can find my first premium tutorial here, it's being quite successful (more than 150 purchases by now): 

Fund rising for tutorial


UPDATE:2,725 raised and the fund rising is finished. Now I need some time to get everything ready and I will start sending the tutorial to all contributors. The tutorial will be available soon from Thanks!

UPDATE:2.701 goal doubled! just 32 hours left so hurry up!
UPDATE:1.220 Goal reached!!
UPDATE:1.186 raised!! just left 10!
UPDATE:1.072 raised!! just left 13.
UPDATE: 943 raised!!! just left 18.
UPDATE: 862 raised!!! just left 20.

Hi guys I just started fund rising for my latest and most complete Photoshop tutorial: 9 videos, 40 images, 9 work in progress animations, English and Spanish.

You can read all the details here:…

Fund rising for tutorial

Thanks a lot!
SOSFactory on Facebook

Hi guys, as you can see I barely update my DA gallery, it's not that I'm out of the business, just the opposite, the business is so good that I have no time to keep updated so many profiles, I prefer using Facebook because everything is more interactive and building a community is easier.

We are more than 3.000 members and the community is quite active: announcements, contests, freebies, tutorials, daily updates, work in progress, design news, positive criticism... and time to time I go live while working.

So... if you want to be up to date you can follow me at:…

Anyway, time to time I will post images in DA.
SOSFactory on Facebook

2780 followers in Facebook, who the hell didn't join yet?

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SOSFactory on Facebook

Tutorials, design advices, marketing tips, SOSFactory works in progress and whatever you want...

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Hey guys, SOSFactory is leveling up:

Would you like to leave in a cool European city living in a furnished flat for free (during 3 months)?
Would you like to work in an office next to me and to another world level artist (I will disclose his name soon)?
Would you like to work with Wacom Cintiqs?

And get paid or it!!!

I'm looking for a person that is good in everything but specially good in graphic design (web and logo design), coding is a plus but not needed.

Post your portfolio here!!! :)
Hey buddies,

some weeks ago I got a serious health issue, I got an pulmonary embolism that almost finish my brilliant career as designer and human being.

Now I'm fine and I would like to go to my hometown in Spain but I can't fly, so I will need to do it by train (3.000 km!!!)

I will stay in Paris from 17:00 hours to 07:00 of the next day.

Is there somebody living in Paris with a free couch or time to have fun for some hours?
I promise a free tour within the SOSFactory.

Thanks! :)
Hey guys, I don't post too many designs lately but there were a very good reason :)

After 7 years of designs and redesigns I got a brand new design for my lovely SOSFactory:
So now is time for a blog redesign.

Web design: SOSFactory v2.0 by SOSFactory

We are already more than 10.000 users around SOSFactory, if you want to keep up to date regarding tutorials, videos, or portfolio pieces follow me in:

:) Facebook:…
:P Twitter:
:( Youtube:
Hi guys,

I recorded the whole process in the making of Cheeky Monkey Cheeky Monkey Media by SOSFactory and I'm publishing the HD videos in My Youtube Channel.

All the videos are listed in this post and I will update it frequently. I´m also writing some annotations along the videos where I share some tips to improve your inking in Photoshop and your coloring in Illustrator.

Remember there will be several videos and I will update this post frequently, so subscribing to my Youtube Channel, my Facebook page or my Twitter is a good idea to stay up to date.

Here you can see the character evolution from the concept to the final rendering.
Cheeky Monkey Media design process

Also, please, keep in mind that YouTube will allow me to post longer videos if I have lot of subscribers. So, please, subscribe if you want to support my Channel.

Hello guys,

today was my birthday I´m officially 32, the day didn´t start as good as I wished, I´m just another foreigner in Berlin though I have lot of friends here on these days I miss my family and friends.

But when I did come back to home at night I found loooot of messages on DA and Facebook (……) from family, friends, fellows and people that I don´t even know but know my work, wishing me a nice Birthday.

Special mention to :icondeepbluenine: he was so nice that he gifted me with a DA subscription.

Thanks a lot for making this day!
¿Alguien vió hoy El Hormiguero de Pablo Motos? Por lo visto usaron uno de mis diseños para un sketch de El Padrino, sin consentimiento ni acreditando mi trabajo.

Pues sí, ya han publicado el video:…

Muy fuerte, no?

New post at SOSFactory Blog

Muchas gracias por el aviso!
Hey guys,

this time it was quite unexpected, there was a bit more activity than usual in my inbox but nothing crazy as the second and first time. So I realized I got it just today, 2 days later!

So here are all my Daily deviations :)

Tshirt: Star Molecule by SOSFactory
Mascot design by SOSFactory
Mascot design: Killer Guitar by SOSFactory

Thanks for the comments, favs and watchs!
Hi guys,

again in need of human power, this time I´m looking for a good Flash designer who can make a banner for a mafia game.

The budget is around 200US$.

If you are interested or know anybody good at banners and available, please, post here links to previous works.

Hello guys,

really good news for all the MMORPG and SOSFactory lovers, PIRATE OMEN
is online and got more than 1.500 users in just 24h!

Pirate Omen

As you know I´m doing lot of MMORPG designs lately and more to come because I got an exclusivity contract with Booty Gaming Inc, this is a new company with lot of resources to create and promote great games (you will see some advertising on DA).

Actually YOU CAN WIN 1.000.000US$! by playing this game (sign up to read the rules of the contest).

So Pirate Omen is the 1st game released, an awesome MMORPG with hundred of custom items (created by artists of this community) and characters and lot of features. Then will come Silent Vendetta (on development) and now  I´m designing on another one about vampires.

I´m working to improve the usability of Pirate Omen, if you want to contribute just comment here.


Envato Net has just released Tutsplus, a new market to buy and sell tutorials. And my first tutorial is already available! It´s a tutorial about character design in Photoshop. I made it by order for PSDTuts, probably you can still remember it.

Tutorial sobre diseño de personaje

Here you have an animated summary of the whole tutorial

The tutorial costs only 6US$ (if you use the pre-pay option, just 4US$) and it´s the most detailed tutorial about drawing and coloring characters I have ever made. Seriously, this one condenses all the tutorials in the blog. This tutorial is for advanced users, perfect for those who have already practised with some of my tutorials but still want to go further. For those who haven´t, I recommend that you practise the basics before.

What does the file contain?

  • Obviously, the most complete tutorial I have ever made about drawing and coloring in Photoshop.
  • PSD in very high resolution of the final design, valued at 700US$, under creative commons license. That means you can use it both for personal and commercial projects.
  • Two fancy wallpapers you can use on your desktop.
  • And everything in English and Spanish.

Here you can see the summary of the tutorial:

  • Basic concepts: attitude, pose, action line and silhouette.
  • Briefing and search of references
  • Before starting to draw
  • From the first sketch to the final lines, step by step
  • Extracting the lines
  • The importance of the history brush
  • Plain colors
  • Shadows
  • Soft light
  • Hard light
  • Outlines
  • Coloring
  • Very important: Final effects using layer modes
  • Final presentation and acknowledgements

Well buddies, if you download it, leave some feedback, ok? Greetings from Greece!!!
Hi guys,

I´m currently working on a MMORPG… project and my client is in need of some icon work, they are developing a big network so if you are available and your work meet the expectations, there could have work for some months.

Please, post here some link to your previous work, I will contact the winner :)

New post at SOSFactory Blog

Hey buddies, I just posted a new entry in my blog, in this one I´m going to explain the different steps I use to create an illustrative logotype, from the first sketch to the final outcome.

Here I´m sharing some of my most hidden secrets :)


Freelancing and social networks :)

Journal Entry: Wed May 12, 2010, 4:25 PM
Hi buddies,

after some years of freelancing I have learnt how important are the social networks to promote your work, no matter how good or bad are your designs of illustrations. If you still don´t have a profile in the main social networks redirecting traffic to your portfolio I suggest start right now because it´s a must.

So you can connect with me following the next links:

:pc: Twitter:
:pc: Facebook:…
:pc: Youtube:
:pc: LinkedIN:…
:pc: Blog (English)
:pc: Blog (Spanish)…
:pc: Portfolio:

And of course Deviantart :)

So this is all what I keep up to date to promote my work.

Hey guys, do you want to practice your coloring skills?

If you want to color a SOSFactory character you can DOWNLOAD THE PSD from this…

If you do a try, email me a JPG of your coloring work and I will post it in my blog and certainly in some others cool blogs like Smashing Magazine (, this could be a good showcase for new talents.